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Welcome to Living Tunes Mastering
An English language version of the complete website is currently in preparation. For the time being, please accept a brief summary of our services.
Living Tunes Mastering is a specialized mastering studio based in Mannheim, Germany. We're using Pro Tools for transportation and - mostly - Waves mastering tools for sonic shaping. The final delivery is performed with Sonic Studio Premaster CD (formerly known as Sonic Solutions) on Taiyo Yuden media as red book audio and/or DDP.
Our audio education took place at the Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. This means that you can expect fluent English, that we command the international audio terminology, and that we know the standards that international clients expect.
You can put us to the test: If in doubt, just book us for one or two songs. The fee will be credited when you decide for a full production with us.
On request, we're offering online mastering. Send us a link where we can download your mixes or e-mail us, so that we can send you our upload instructions.
Living Tunes Mastering
Attn. Mr. Frank Gingeleit
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